Sunday, July 4, 2010

My first tutorial -Making my version of the Yoyo Flower

A few friends have been asking me on how to make the yo-yo flower I use as embellishments. Since I have benefited a lot from online craft tutorials I have decided to show how they are made.

Step one is to make a few yo-yo balls

Make a round template for the five petals. In this tutorial, the template is 6cm in diameter. This would make a petal roughly 3cm in diameter.

Cut 5 round shapes from the fabric. In this I used scraps of rayons.

Fold the edge of the circle and sew the outline. Make sure you make a knot first at the end of the thread.

Pull the thread till the edges bunch up but do not let the hole close up.

Fill the hole with stuffing - kapok or sponge till full.

Then pull the thread and close the hole with a knot.

Make another smaller yo-yo ball using a 5cm circle for the centre of the flower. Use a contrasting fabric. In this example I used cream colored fabric.

You will end up with 5 big yo-yo balls and one smaller one.

String up the large yo-yo's and tie them together. Run a few threads around the petals at the base to make the thread stronger

Attach the smaller yo-yo to the centre and sew it on.

This is the end product - a yo-yo flower.