Monday, October 8, 2012

Making A Simple Bag from A Pair of Jeans

I have always been fascinated by handbag made from jeans. Not just the material denim but a pair of jeans. I was given one when mom went for a trip to Bandung about a decade ago. I dreamt of making one but the thought of cutting up my favorite jeans always stops me. Anyway, recently I bought a pair at a jumble sale just for this purpose.
Constructing the bag was very easy. It may as well be the easiest bag I have ever made.
I cut the jeans as shown above. The outer seams are used to make the bag handles.  I used the cut jeans itself as a template for cutting the lining (I used striped cotton for this). I added a zipped pocket inside  but I decided to use the existing pockets of the jeans as the bag's pocket/compartments. As for the main body of the bag it is made just by sewing straight accross the crotch area. In my haste to complete the bag I forgot to take step by step photos (anyway, it was an experiment so I didn't know how it would turn out) but I promise I will do so for the next  Jean's Bag I make.