Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scrunchies and More Hair Ties

I have pretty swamped with work lately and had no time to blog nor make my hairbands. However, had to make these as my friends i.e Mariam and Chew Ping been requesting them since eons ago. Took my time as I was searching for a good quality hairband (the previous ones I used became loose quite fast:( )

My project for raya is decorating my cookie jars - this was a last year project and has not been completed yet. Hopefully by Raya I will have something to show :)

Black Red Scrunchie
Price : RM 12
(This is made with Mariam in mind)

Purple Kiddies Tie (A pair)
Price : RM 8

Pink Kiddies Tie (A pair)

Green Kiddies Tie (A pair)

Brown Hair Scrunchie
Price : RM 12 each

Black Hair Tie
Price : RM 6

Addition (ADDED AT 18.8.2010 6.30PM)

Made with Chew Ping in mind

Red Butterfly Hairtie
Price :RM 6

Blue Green Butterfly Hairtie
Price : RM6