Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Sling Bags To Cure Boredom

Made this yesterday. Used pyjamas striped materials as the main fabric. The flap was designed with my cats as inspiration. 'Silhouette of cat looking longingly at the stars and moon'. Inside the flap is a zipped compartment. And inside the bag there is a small pocket. Initially there was supposed to be another zipped compartment but I don't know why everytime I sew the zippers it ended looking ugly. After my 4th attempt I decided to scrap the zip and put a pocket instead. Note: This bag is sold today to my friend Chew Ping. Thanks for liking it (updated 3.10.2010)

This bag is almost similar except that it is a bit bigger (by about 2 inches in width). 2 zipped compartment - one inside the flap and one in the bag itself. The flap design is inspired by the fabric itself.

Who did I make the bags for? I have no idea.... As I mentioned, the process was boredom therapy