Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boxy pencil cases

I love simple sewing tutorials. So when I saw this simple boxy pencil case tutorial I simply must try it. Furthermore, it is quite a fast project. I managed to complete each pencil case in less than an hour. Ideal stuff to do when I just have to sew and only have the baby's naptime to do it.

The first one I made was the green pencil case. This I followed exactly the measurements mentioned in the tutorial. The 2nd one was the blue one, I made it wider so I can fill it with more stuff. Both I used striped cotton for the outside fabric and flowery cotton for the inside and the side tabs. I used pink zippers not by choice but that was the only colour that I have in hand. As usual, no project wouldn't be complete without embellishments and these I completed with pointed flowers (also another tutorial discovered on tipnut)

The best part about this case is that there is almost no exposed edges either inside or out. My usually ugly stitching is hidden between the two fabric. So it looks sort of 'professional'. Yeayyy!!!

Inside : no exposed stitches or edges

Embellishment: 6 petal pointed flower