Sunday, September 22, 2013

Elastic button bracelet

A simple quick project. Takes about 30 minutes to finish.

Inspiration for these are the bags of buttons I bought at Did not know what I wanted to do with them but I am such a sucker for buttons. Plus they were very cheap!!!

Materials needed

 Buttons and elastic cord

I used oval shaped 8 x 10mm buttons for this project. By using different sized buttons (or even combination of sizes/colours) makes unique different bracelets.

First,cut the thread about three time the size of the finished bracelet (i.e size of your wrist). 
Thread in the elastic cord into the first button hole

Then thread it into the 2nd hole. Add more and more buttons, you can add buttons at random (as I did) or you can plan ahead and add buttons to make specific pattern.

After getting the length you want, thread in both elastic ends into the 1st button

Tie both ends together with a reef knot. Make a few knots to secure it. 
You can add glue to the knots to make it more secure

Cut off the excess thread

walla.... your own funky bracelet  using different sized buttons at regular intervals... a cluster of buttons ends up looking  like beads